Autonomous units

SUPRA units are used on manual, mechanical, hydraulic, electric or press brakes of all types. You do not have presses or they are not neccessarily available, SUPRA Techonologies can provide you with the best solutions suited to your needs.

All SUPRA units, whether they are punching, notching, cutting or shearing, can be delivered with an autonomous assembly, intergrated oleopneumatic, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric energies.

Hand tools

Manuel punching tool

For punching operations requiring very little effort, SUPRA Technologies designs and manufactures small bench tools.

Pratical and flexible, these tools are intended for small jobs, even the most demanding.

Oleopneumatic or pneumatic actuator

Oil – pneumatic punching machine

Depending on the power required, a simple source of compressed air is sufficient to actuate the cylinder, whether pneumatic or oleopneumatic.

The assembly consists of a mechanically welded frame allowing work on the tools at a suitable height. It brings together in its lower part the power supply unit, the control and protection device.

In the upper part, the actuator is placed on a frame sized for the forces applied. As the actuator only rests on the unit, this one is not subjected to any stress. Quickly removable, the unit can be extracted very easily in order to make changes to the punch and die as quickly as possible.

MULTICYL brand oleopneumatic actuators are distributed by SUPRA Technologies. Specially suitable for punching work, the range covers forces from 1600 kg to 35 tonnes for a supply pressure of 6 to 8.4 bars and speeds of up to 60 strokes per minute.

Hydraulic actuator

Unités de poinçonnage hydraulique

Les unités SUPRA peuvent bénéficier d’actionneurs hydrauliques. Accouplés à une centrale hydraulique, les ensembles permettent des travaux requérant de grandes puissances tout en conservant la modularité du système.

Le vérin hydraulique étant solidaire d’un châssis indépendant de l’unité de poinçonnage, cette dernière est très facilement interchangeable et accessible pour le changement d’outil.

Cette solution très compacte apporte une grande flexibilité à tous vos travaux.

Electric actuator

Electric notching unit

SUPRA units can be adapted to the installation of electric actuators.

Electric cylinders or motors are an alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. By virtue of their ease of implementation and use, electric actuators allow a very short response time, reduce the sound volume and guarantee a preserved environment.

Space – saving and mobile solution, it can be moved as close as possible to your production.