Each profession has a specific vocabulary, toolmakers are not exempt fromit. You will find a vocabulary specific to the trade of the toolmaker to facilitate our exchanges.


Leveling or fine cutting : punching or cutting action in recovery to obtain precise final dimensions.

Strip or coil : raw material entering the press tool across its width.

Edging : operation consisting in, folding the edge of a sheet on itself also called a crushed fold, or wrapping the edge of a sheet around a wire called bordered in cord.

Boss : deformation of the material in order to obtain a projecting surface.

Curving : the action of folding the material in the tool.

Bending : action of giving a partial cylindrical shape to the material.

Shearing : cutting the material without removing the material.

Collar : circular raised edge obtained from a flat surface. The collar lift or collar fall are the operations carried out by the tool to obtain the collar.

Pitting : action of partially cutting the material.

Uncorking : part of material removed by the actions of punching, notching, notching, cutting or leveling, is also called waste or glitch.

Cutting : Action allowing obtaining a blank.

Clipping : The act of cutting a piece completely or partially along a defined contour.

Stripper : Mechanical organ allowing the plating of a material and the extraction of a punch

Stamping : action of transforming a flat surface into an undevelopable form

Notching : action of removing material following an open outline on two sides.

Blank : flat surface of material where a developed part is inscribed.

Embossing : action of giving a shape in relief to the sheet in order to give it rigidity

Nibbling : action of cutting the material by a succession of punches combined with a movement of advance

Notching : action of removing material following an open contour on one side