Integration with press

SUPRA Technologies designs and manufactures tools that fit into all types of presses.

The choice of a press and its tools is closely linked in the achievement of a desired result.

We are at your service and we will study the best solution for your request. We accompany you in the choice of the equipment and we will analyse the environment related to the installation.

Integration of a 10 mm sheet metal punching tool with a hydraulic press with a capacity of 35 tonnes

We offer a range of hydraulic presses specially adapted for punching, grubbing, notching, cutting, cambering, bending, shearing and stamping. The capacity ranges from 35 to 200 tons for rates ranging from 27 to 41 strokes per minute. Perfectly adapted to all sectors of activity, this complete range of presses meets the highest requirements of our customers.

SUPRA units are used on all types of manual, mechanical, hydraulic and press brakes.

Our teams support you in choosing the type of press most adapted. Or, we study the type of tools best suited to your production method.

The design of a more or less complex press tool takes into account several factors :

  • The nuance of the material to be worked
  • His thickness
  • Quantity of parts to be produced
  • The raw material supply format
  • The cadence
  • The presence or absence of peripherals in your production tool linked to the supply of raw material.

All these are determining factors in the choice of the design of a tool, its implementation.

Our technical sales teams, in their orle as advisers, accompany and assist you throughout your projects. The choice in the design of a tool is essential for the calculation of its depreciation and in the determination of the cost price.

All our integrations or turnkey installations comply with the Machine Directive standards in force.