Press brake tools

SUPRA Technologies offers a range of standard and special tools for each type of press brake. It represents a whole set of folding blades and dies, accompanied by a panel of important accessoires, adapted to the different types of press brake.

They are subject to rigorous quality control. On request, they can be offered with anti-wear and anti-corrosion surface treatments.

SUPRA Technologies manufactures the shear blades as well as their renovation according to your requirements.

Outillages pour presses plieuses adaptables toutes marques

Material and processing specifications

The folding tools are made of C45 or 42 CrMo4 steel hardened by induction for a hardness of 52-55 Hrc on the working parts. Anti-wear treatments by nitriding on 42 CrMo4 are available on request.An anti-corrosion treatment by galvanisation is also possible.

The lenghts of punch and dies blades

The punches and dies are available in the lenghts of 415, 835 and 805 mm split for adaptable AMADA

The available lenghts of the punches and dies are 100, 200, 300, 500 and 550 mm split for the adaptable WILA TRUMPF, BYSTRONIC, BEYELER, LDV, EHT, WEINBRENNER, NEWTON.

A large range of folding tools is available :

  • Punches from 26 to 90°,
  • Rotary punches and movable bigornes,
  • 28 to 90° blades and blade holders,
  • Z-folding and radiating tools with inserts,
  • Dies and folding vee,
  • Matrix supports,
  • Crushing tools with spring and pneumatic moving dies.

Non marking folding :

  • UNIBEND dies allow reduction of tool change time and 90% of marks due to friction. They offer the possibility of bending parts with narrow edges as well as the reduction of deformation of holes or cutouts located on the bending line. UNIBEND Dies can be used on any type of press thanks to a whole series of adapters.
  • Roller dies with adjustable opening are a significant time saver by the very rapid change of the opening of the vee without changing tools. They reduce contact marks and allow a press power gain of up to 30%.
  • Non marking folding is ensured by a range of insert holders with polyurethane or nylon dies. They avoid any contamination of materials.
  • The protective films fitted with a tensioner, placed on the dies, prevent any scratches and contamination of the materials. Usable on any kind of matrix, they facilitate handling.

A large choice of accessories for punch and dies :

  • Punches adapters,
  • Intermediaries, extensions and extenders for punches,
  • Adapters and intermediaries with manual quick release,
  • Intermediate pneumatic locking for quick change,
  • Fixing flanges for intermediates,
  • lower adapters for matrix and vee,
  • Modular matrix support sole,
  • Extension for die and vee with pneumatic locking.

Press brake accessories

  • Standard and magnetic positioning stops,
  • Fixed, retractable and micrometric stops,
  • Graduated stop supports,

Special tools

SUPRA Technologies studies all your requests for special tools for any brand press brake. The design, manufacturing and testing are carried out by our teams. Test results and samples will be provided to you for validation.

Outillage spécial pour presse plieuse

Maintenance and after-sales service

SUPRA Technologies is at your disposal for any modifications and refurbishment of your punches and folding dies, do not hesitate to contact us.