Special tools

The work that can be carried out by press tools can be classified into 3 families : punching, bulging and stamping. However, each part to be produced on a tool is a special case and the tool must adapt.

All the know-how of SUPRA Technologies resides in the application of a conventional process adapted specifically according to the part to be produced. For this, we consider that each project if different and we attach great importance to it.

The exchanges between you and SUPRA Techologies are essential. We attach great importance to your know-how and your environment in order to provide with you a technical and economic solution that meets your expectations as closely as possible.

Special tools represent one of the values of our profession : a simple solution for a convincing result.

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Called « special tools » press tools do not fall into the category of progressive of punching tools with counter plate. These 2 categories are part of the family of compound tools. Special tools include conventional elements specifically adapted to the operations to be carried out to obtain and / or take back a part.They are also called « recovery tools ».

Special press tools find their field of application in the production of parts in a single press, in a single step, on the stop or on the modification of existing parts.

All these operations can be performed on sheet metals, strips of any material, blanks, tubes and profiles.

They remain interesting in the execution of simple parts or the recovery of existing parts.

Special tools can indifferently perform punching, trimming, crushing, bending, puncturing, slicing, rolling, planking, plating and marking.

The design and production of special tools is above all an exchange between you and SUPRA Techologies. Different information is necessary for its development. The input date are all essential elements in the study of it. Your means of production, your process in place, the quantity of parts to be produced, the characteristics fo the material are essential information in the profitability of a press tool.