Punching refers to the act of removing material along a closed contour.

The SUPRA units allow punching all shapes registered in a diameter of 120 mm maximum, for a material whose thicknesses are between 3 / 10 mm and 16 mm.

SUPRA punching units are suitable for working with sheet materials, profiles and tubes.

Discover the units

SUPRA punching units are an economical and rational solution adapted to all your medium, large series and repetitive parts manufacturing problems.

The SUPRA unit, thanks to its simple design and quick implementation, promotes assembly and manufacturing changes in minimum time and thus reduces the operating cost.

SUPRA units, by their universality, can be adapted to any type of press. In the absence of the latter, they can be installed in an assembly integrating pneumatic, hydraulic, oleopneumatic or electric energies.

Its autonomous mobility doesn’t require hanging at the top (except for PAL, PAEL units). Its positioning is ensured by a Ø8 axis located under the sole in the punching axis.

The range of SUPRA punching units allows, depending on the model :

  • PA, SPR, PAH and PAL punching all sheet materials up to 4 mm thick.
  • PAE, SPAE and PAEL punching all sheet materials up to 10 mm thick.
  • P2E punching all sheet materials up to 16 mm thick.
  • PERFO28 : the punching of tubes up to 2 mm thick.
  • F and UP punching profiles and tubes up to 4 mm thick.
  • FE and UPE punching profiles and 10 mm thick tubes.