Working like clockmakers and jewelers – Precision work for industry and craftmanship.

You may know SUPRA for industrial know-how because our SUPRA units are European wide on duty. But do you know that our technical expertise and precision leads us to develop very specific products?

Our R&D department is working for many years on tools which are literally able to perform technical masterpieces of steel.

Customized tools to reach highest expectations for various customers in almost all industrial sectors such as automotive, energy, sports & leisure, plant engineering, steel & metal construction and much more. In other, words numerous products of our daily live are of SUPRA origin. As an example have a look on this recent order from a famous luxury fountain pen company. The technical execution of the bending tool and the engraving for this nib was quite challenging as this part is the symbol of the brand.

The work has been performed with an engraving punch on a FE20 unit. It is highest precision which enables us a processing without any damage to the material. The result: a counterfeit protected high quality product for the luxury industry. We get regularly very special requests and orders that only precise artisan expertise, long experience and technical competence can execute.

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